Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Down time at How's house

Our holiday trips to Fulton are about so much more than tearing wrapping paper off presents. Kelly and Kevin were able to be there the same time we were, and even Uncle Kyle hung allowed his nephews to play with the big boys — which is only fitting considering how much young Kyle liked to be around Kelly's friends when they came over about ten years ago.

How's house is a great place for trying out your new presents, especially with so many non-parent grown-ups around. But even the new toys can;t compete with some of the old classics. And if you're Jack, you find a way to blend the two.

Bowling: Start 'em young. From How's House

Don't Rock the Boat with Uncle Kevin. From How's House

Jack turned the basement into party central. From How's House

Cosmic bowling. The stereo was thumping. From How's House

 From How's House

Breakfast, SpongeBob and brother love. From How's House

Pajama drumming is the best kind of drumming. From How's House

Monkey see, monkey do. From How's House

Cymbals — that's my boy! From How's House

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